8 things to do to make holidays productive

1. Create a to-do-list

This activity will help us arrange a schedule for the next week to become more organized and organized to achieve our goals. Not only schedule activities, we can also make a menu list that will be consumed during the next week to balance the diet, and determine the weekly shopping list.

2. Cleaning the residence

After busy working or studying, take the time off to ‘clean up’ the environment around us, especially where we live. Or, at least clean up the room and tidy up the desk because a comfortable and clean environment will also calm the mind.

3. Shopping for weekly necessities

After compiling a shopping list, go shopping for necessities for the week ahead. Besides being able to fill free time, shopping on holidays will also save our energy compared to having to shop for daily necessities which will also cause us to spend more money.

4. Reducing the use of gadgets and social media

The millennial generation must have heard the term “smartphone slave”, right? Or maybe some of us have unconsciously become ‘slaves’ who are addicted to smartphones and gadgets? Well, don’t let it go! Try it, reduce its use on holidays and do more useful activities.

5. Develop a hobby

Have a hobby of taking photos? Just go hunting with friends from the photographer community. Do you like singing or playing music? Take advantage of the holidays to practice your skills. Or sports hobbies? Take yoga classes, play futsal, skateboard, or do whatever suits your hobby. Anyway, don’t be ‘idle’ on holidays.

6. Take courses or tutoring

Eits… even though you’re already working or studying, there’s nothing wrong with taking courses or tutoring to develop your skills and interests. Whether it’s a language course, music lessons, or simply attending a character development workshop, these are highly recommended to fill your free time with productive activities!

7. Gather and socialize with family or friends

Can you imagine how exciting this activity is? We all really like the name ‘family gathering’ or hangout with friends. There are various activities that we can do such as playing outdoor games, cooking together, shopping together, and many more.

8. Calming the mind

There’s nothing wrong, you know, we go away for a while from the hustle and bustle of the city, which often makes our minds ‘confused’. We can visit the countryside or the coast that is not too crowded to calm the mind and relax for a moment. Make no mistake, this activity is still considered productive because it can clear your mind and increase the creativity of your brain!


5 things to pay attention to while on vacation

The most awaited moments for most people are holidays. For most people in Jakarta, holidays have become one of the necessities of life every year. Well .. therefore it is better to plan your vacation well so that you feel joy during the holidays. We would like to help you to make your holiday more enjoyable by paying attention to the following:

1. It is better to pay off routine bills in advance that will be due during your vacation. Examples of bills include credit cards, electricity, telephone or insurance. This is best done to avoid fines or interest in the future.

2. Leaving or postponing work, should not be done and finish your work before you leave for vacation, or entrust the work to your subordinates because it will help you not to remember work when you are busy on vacation.

3. Prepare a budget for travel during the holidays, because most of the people who are on vacation, the desire to shop will increase more than usual. Therefore, make sure you still have enough funds after the holidays until the next paycheck comes out.

4. Clothing or personal needs should be given more attention, especially for items that are difficult to find when you arrive at your destination. Don’t forget to leave your personal medicines from your homeland because the erratic weather can affect your health at any time.

5. Health is the most important thing above all when it comes to holidays. Sick during the holidays will interfere with your vacation. If you are sick, vacations are definitely not fun and can even add to the cost of the vacation.



In the current pandemic, holidays are the thing that many people miss the most. But you can still vacation in a safe way, of course, by complying with health protocols. What should you prepare for a vacation during a pandemic?

The reason is, holiday preparations during the pandemic must be carried out in detail and thoroughly so that the holiday goes as expected. What do you have to prepare? We, the Jackal Holidays Tourism team, will give you the tips! Listen carefully, yes.

  • Determine Vacation Destinations

You have to really determine the tourist destination according to your wishes, whether to go to nature tourism, play in urban areas, go to a playground, or go to a famous place. To find the right destination, you can first look at the reviews of people you can find on sites like Google, Traveloka, Tripadvisor, social media, or from your friends. In addition, you also have to find out the right accommodation to get to the tourist attractions. Can you use a private car or use a tourist bus, with the aim of avoiding obstacles while on vacation.

  • Determine Schedule

Make a vacation schedule in advance to avoid conflicting schedules. Immediately prepare a travel ticket for a round trip, because for accommodation tickets, you can get a cheaper price if you order it long before the day of departure. You can also rent a tour bus to save your budget.

  • Determine the Vacation Budget

The most important thing is to determine a vacation budget. By determining your budget, you will know what kind of vacation you want, whether it’s a budget-friendly backpacker vacation or a luxury vacation. In addition to determining how to vacation, you can calculate the budget for vehicles, whether you want to rent a tour bus, buy plane tickets, or a travel fleet. Don’t forget to also arrange other accommodations such as hotels and tourist entrance tickets that you need to calculate.

  • Documents and Letters

Do not underestimate the documents that you must bring. What document is it? You can prepare from identification, passport, to health certificates that are very much needed during a pandemic like today, because there are several areas that require the letter before you enter tourist areas. So that your documents and letters are safe to take while on vacation, you can store them in a bag (travel wallet) that you always carry.

  • Create a Vacation Schedule or Itinerary.

Before leaving for travel or vacation, it would be nice if you arrange your vacation schedule so that the trip is more efficient and more organized. Also arrange when you will start packing, schedule to buy tickets, and so on. After making a schedule, don’t forget to set a reminder or create a reminder so you don’t forget to do what you have planned.

  • Arrange Holiday Accommodation

Prepare accommodation starting from transportation in advance. For example, if you go with your friends, you need to prepare the vehicle that you will use, such as renting a tour bus or renting a private vehicle. Tourist buses are also divided into 3 types, namely big tourism buses, medium tourism buses, and minivans. So, don’t be wrong when choosing a vehicle so that there are no obstacles during the holidays.

  • Create a Luggage List

Before you go on vacation, you can imagine where you are going. From there, you will know the list or list of what luggage you need by writing it on your cellphone or notebook. If you are confused, you can ask friends who have been to these tourist attractions, or find out on the internet.

The most important thing about organizing this luggage is to only bring the goods according to the destination. For example, if you go to Europe when the weather is cold, you can prepare a special jacket for winter. Don’t let anything be left behind due to lack of preparation. Especially when you have health problems, personal medicines can be included in your carry-on list.