5 things to pay attention to while on vacation

The most awaited moments for most people are holidays. For most people in Jakarta, holidays have become one of the necessities of life every year. Well .. therefore it is better to plan your vacation well so that you feel joy during the holidays. We would like to help you to make your holiday more enjoyable by paying attention to the following:

1. It is better to pay off routine bills in advance that will be due during your vacation. Examples of bills include credit cards, electricity, telephone or insurance. This is best done to avoid fines or interest in the future.

2. Leaving or postponing work, should not be done and finish your work before you leave for vacation, or entrust the work to your subordinates because it will help you not to remember work when you are busy on vacation.

3. Prepare a budget for travel during the holidays, because most of the people who are on vacation, the desire to shop will increase more than usual. Therefore, make sure you still have enough funds after the holidays until the next paycheck comes out.

4. Clothing or personal needs should be given more attention, especially for items that are difficult to find when you arrive at your destination. Don’t forget to leave your personal medicines from your homeland because the erratic weather can affect your health at any time.

5. Health is the most important thing above all when it comes to holidays. Sick during the holidays will interfere with your vacation. If you are sick, vacations are definitely not fun and can even add to the cost of the vacation.